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On Oct. 9 at 6:07 p.m., on Highway 17, a collision occurred that claimed the life of a woman from San Jose. The crash happened nearby The Cats Restaurant & Bar in Los Gatos. It is reported that the actions of a driver who made a sudden lane change on the highway were the cause of the multi-car crash. The highway is known for its high accident rate due to some of the conditions of the road.

On the stretch of the highway, there is a concrete barrier separating lanes going in opposite directions. There is a break in this wall which allows cars to be able to turn left and head in the opposite direction. However, many argue that this creates a hazardous environment for drivers since it opens up the possibility of drivers heading into oncoming traffic.

The driver of a Ford truck was heading northbound and after making a lane change, hit the barrier. After losing control of the vehicle, he went through the gap in the barrier and headed into oncoming traffic.

A woman from San Jose, who was driving a Kia, was pronounced dead at the scene. Two other drivers involved were treated in hospital for minor injuries.

Although drugs or alcohol were determined not to be a factor in the crash, the police are appealing for witnesses to provide key information that could help the investigation and ultimately determine liability.

Highway car crashes can be extremely serious because of the speed and number of drivers that are often involved. Driver fatigue and driving over the speed limit can often be contributing factors.

Source: The mercury news, “San Jose woman killed in four-vehicle crash on Highway 17,” Jason Green, Oct. 13, 2017

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