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bay area senior citizen resources list

There is a lot to love about getting older: being retired, having more time to pursue your hobbies, wisdom, and a broader perspective on life. Yet getting older comes with its downsides, too, like being on a fixed income, having more health problems, and even loneliness. Fortunately, there are a number of organisations throughout the Bay Area that are designed to help seniors with some of the more common challenges associated with aging. 

At Kuvara Law, we want to help. We have assembled a list of resources for senior citizens in the greater San Francisco region. If you (or a loved one) are struggling with housing, the need for in-home assistance, or another issue, we hope that this list is useful and gets you the help that you need.

Affordable Housing Services

Living on a fixed income can be challenging, particularly in an area with one of the highest costs of living in the country. Safe housing is one of the most fundamental needs for any person. If you are having difficulty finding a place to live within your budget, these organizations may be able to help.

CountyBusiness NameWebsiteAddressPhone
San FranciscoCommunity Housing Jones St., Suite 200415-852-5300
San FranciscoBridge Housingbridgehousing.com600 California St., Suite 900415-989-1111
San FranciscoMercy Housing – Polk Street Seniormercyhousing.org1315 Polk St.415-931-3210

Affordable Items for Seniors

We all need basic things for our day-to-day living, like plates and silverware, furniture and clothes. When you’re older, you don’t necessarily want to spend the money on brand new items — or perhaps these goods are simply out of your budget. These stores offer affordable products for seniors to help meet your needs.

CountyBusiness NameWebsiteAddressPhone
San FranciscoCommunity Thrift Storecommunitythriftsf.org623 Valencia St.415-861-4910
San FranciscoOut of the Closet Thrift Storeoutofthecloset.org1295 Folsom St.415-558-7176
San FranciscoWestfield SF Market St.415-512-6776

Assisted Living

For many older people, there comes a time when it is no longer possible to live alone. If you are in a situation where you can’t live independently but don’t require a higher level of care, assisted living may be a good option for you. Below are a number of options located throughout the Bay Area that may be a good choice for you or for your loved one. 

CountyBusiness NameWebsiteAddressPhone
San FranciscoSunset Gardenssunsetgardens.us1338 27th Ave.415-664-4327
San FranciscoBroadmoor Hotelbroadmoorsf.com1499 Sutter St.415-771-9119
San FranciscoHeritage on the Marinaheritageonthemarina.org3400 Laguna St.415-202-0300
San FranciscoThe Village at Hayes Valleypacificseniorliving.com624 Laguna St.415-275-3150
San FranciscoBuena Vista Manor Housebuenavistamanorhouse.com399 Buena Vista Ave. E415-800-2032
San FranciscoThe Carlislesunriseseniorliving.com1450 Post St.415-929-4648
San FranciscoProvidence Placeprovidencecare.com2456 Geary Blvd.415-359-9700
San FranciscoAvenue Assisted Livingtheavenuesf.com1035 Van Ness Ave. 415-776-1800
San FranciscoSF Campus for Jewlish
sfcjl.org302 Silver Ave.415-406-1419
San FranciscoKokoro Assisted Livingkokoroassistedliving.org1881 Bush St.415-776-8066
San FranciscoVictorian Manorvictorianmanorsf.com1444 McAllister St.415-921-7550
San FranciscoRhoda Goldman Plazargplaza.org2180 Post St.415-345-5060
San FranciscoAlmaVia of SFeldercarealliance.org1 Thomas More Way415-593-1657
San FranciscoSagebrook Senior Living
at SF
sagebrooksf.com2750 Geary Blvd.415-346-0246
San FranciscoPortola Gardensportolagardens.ciminocare.com350 University St.415-337-1587
San FranciscoSutro Heights Residential
N/A659 45th Ave.415-269-8468
San FranciscoCypress at Golden Gatesrgseniorliving.com1601 19th Ave.415-952-8854
San FranciscoThe Sequoias thesequoiassf.org1400 Geary Blvd.415-922-9700
San FranciscoKimochi Homekimochi-inc.org1531 Sutter St.415-931-2294
San FranciscoSF Towerscovia.org1661 Pine St.415-776-0500
San FranciscoAutumn Glowselfhelpelderly.org654 Grove St.415-934-1622
San FranciscoMerced Residential Caremercedcare.com257 Broad St.415-585-6112
San FranciscoDameniks Homedamenikshome.com331 30th Ave.415-305-6851
San FranciscoFamily Affair Home Carefamilyaffairhomecare.com264 Southcliff Ave.650-871-5095
San FranciscoWestborough Royalewestboroughroyale.com89 Westborough Blvd.650-872-0400
San FranciscoProvidence Foundation –
Senior Housing
providencefoundationsf.org1218 Mendell St.415-642-0234
San FranciscoFrank Residencesfrankresidences.org302 Silver Ave.415-562-2020
San FranciscoMenorah Parkmenorahpark.wordpress.com3365 Sacramento St.415-929-7912
San FranciscoCare Home by RNs SFcarehomebyrns.com653 Commercial Ave.650-534-3770
San FranciscoArden Woodardenwood.org445 Wawona St.415-681-5500
San FranciscoJoyful Chapter Senior
joyfulchapter.com340 Alta Vista Dr. 650-227-2172

Food Assistance

If you are having difficulty getting or paying for food, there are a number of options for seniors in the Bay Area. You may be able to stop by to eat a hot meal, or pick up food to cook at home. These local organizations are dedicated to getting food to the people who need it most.

CountyBusiness NameWebsiteAddressPhone
San FranciscoSt. Anthony’s Dining Roomstanthonyssf.org150 Golden Gate Ave.415-241-2600
San FranciscoSF-Marin Food Banksfmfoodbank.org900 Pennsylvania Ave.415-282-1900
San FranciscoCity Team Ministriescityteam.org164 6th St.415-861-8688
San FranciscoCanon Kip Senior Centerecs-sf.org705 Natoma St.415-487-3300


Just because you’re older doesn’t mean that you don’t care about exercising. In fact, getting daily exercise can help stave off age-related conditions or reduce the symptoms of these issues. Check out these places if you are looking for a gym or simply a way to stay on top of your health. 

CountyBusiness NameWebsiteAddressPhone
YMCA SFymcasf.orgMultiple Locations:
Stonestown: 333 Eucalyptus Dr.
Embarcadero: 169 Steuart St.
Buchanan: 1530 Buchanan St.
Bayview: 1601 Lane St.
Stonestown: 415-242-7100
Embarcadero: 415-957-9622
Buchanan: 415-931-9622
Bayview: 415-822-7728
SF Recreation/Parkssfrecpark.orgMultiple Locations:
Eureka Valley: 100 Collingwood St.
Mission Recreation: 2450 Harrison St.
Palega Recreation: 500 Felton St.
Eureka Valley: 415-831-6810
Mission Rec: 415-695-5012
Palega: 415-831-6828
Bay Clubsbayclubs.com150 Greenwich St.415-433-2200

In-Home Care Services Assistance

In some cases, you or a loved one may not need to go to a nursing home or an assisted living facility. However, you may need help in order to stay in your home. In-home care services can be arranged through these organizations.

CountyBusiness NameWebsiteAddressPhone
San FranciscoIHSS Public Authoritysfihsspa.org832 Folsom St., 9th Floor415-243-4477
LarkspurInCare Home Health Serviceshbtbhomecare.org17 E. Sire Francis Drake Blvd. 415-673-8989
San FranciscoHome Instead Senior Carehomeinstead.com1 Daniel Burnham Ct., Suite 307C415-578-6307

Senior Advocacy Organizations

People over the age of 65 face different issues than younger people do, from Medicare to taxes to an increased need for services. If you are facing a challenge related to your age, one of these groups may be able to advocate on your behalf.

CountyBusiness NameWebsiteAddressPhone
San FranciscoCA Advocates for Nursing
Home Reform
canhr.org650 Harrison St.415-974-5171
SacramentoCA Association of Area
Agencies on Aging
c4a.info980 9th St.916-443-2800
San FranciscoDept. of Disability & Aging
sfhsa.org1650 Mission St.415-355-3555
San FranciscoCommunity Living
sfcommunityliving.org1663 Mission St., Suite 525415-821-1003
San FranciscoCompassionate Community
compassionatehomecare.org1426 Fillmore St., Suite 207415-921-5038
San FranciscoGlideglide.org330 Ellis St.415-674-6000
San FranciscoInstitute on Agingioaging.org3575 Geary Blvd.415-750-4111
San FranciscoIndependent Living
Resource Center SF
ilrcsf.org825 Howard St.415-543-6222

Senior Assistance Services

Older people often struggle with specific issues, like an inability to get out to the store, to cook independently, or even to pay for the level of care that they need. There are a range of senior assistance services available in the Bay Area to help elderly people with the unique challenges that they may face in their daily lives.

CountyBusiness NameWebsiteAddressPhone
San FranciscoAnnunciation Cathedral
Community Outreach
annunciation.org245 Valencia St.415-864-8000
San FranciscoLittle Brothers Friends of
the Elderly SF
littlebrotherssf.org909 Hyde St., Suite 628415-771-7957
San FranciscoMeals of Wheels SFmowsf.org1375 Fairfax Ave. 415-920-1111
San FranciscoMercy Housingmercyhousing.org1256 Market St.415-355-7100
San FranciscoMy Benefits Cal Winmybenefitscalwin.org1235 Mission St.415-558-1001
San FranciscoOn Lokonlok.orgN/A415-292-8888
N/APaying for Senior Carepayingforseniorcare.comN/A206-462-5728
San FranciscoRebuilding Together SFrebuildingtogethersf.orgPier 28, The Embarcadero415-905-1611
San FranciscoSalvation Army – Golden
State Division
goldenstate.salvationarmy.org832 Folsom St.415-553-3500
San FranciscoSF Villagesfvillage.org3220 Fulton St.415-387-1375
San FranciscoSenior & Disability Actionsdaction.org1360 Mission St., #400415-546-1333
San FranciscoShanti Projectshanti.org730 Polk St., 3rd Floor415-674-4700
San FranciscoSt. Francis Lutheran Churchsflcsf.org152 Church St.415-621-2635
San FranciscoStepping Stone Healthsteppingstonehealth.org930 4th St.415-974-6784
San FranciscoThriving in Placetipsf.org832 Folsom St., 9th Floor415-593-8141
San FranciscoSF Interfaith Councilsfinterfaithcouncil.org130 Fisher Loop415-474-1321
San FranciscoLittle Sisters of the PoorLittleSistersofthePoor300 Lake St.415-751-6510

Senior Centers

Once your kids are grown and you are no longer working, it can be hard to stay connected to a community. Senior centers offer a great way to socialize. In the Bay Area, there are a number of senior centers that are designed to meet the needs of older Californians.

CountyBusiness NameWebsiteAddressPhone
Bernal Heights
Neighborhood Center
bhnc.org515 Cortland Ave. 415-206-2140
Centro Latino Den SF
Community Center
centrolatinodesf.org1656 15th St.415-861-8168
The Arc of SFthearcsf.org1500 Howard St.415-255-7200
OpenHouseopenhouse-sf.org65 Laguna St. 415-296-8995
SF Senior Centersfsenior.orgMultiple Locations:
890 Beach St. &
481 O’Farrell St.
Mission Neighborhood
mncsf.org362 Capp St.415-206-7752
OMI Senior Centercatholiccharitiessf.org1555 39th Ave.415-972-1200
Golden Gate Senior Servicesggsenior.orgMultiple Locations:
6221 Geary Blvd.
3rd Floor
110 Diamond St.
Self Help for the Elderlyselfhelpelderly.orgGreen Mun:
777 Stockton St.
Lady Shaw:
1483 Mason St.
Jackie Chan:
5757 Geary Blvd.
John King:
500 Raymond Ave.
Mendelsohn House:
737 Folsom St.
Green Mun:
Lady Shaw:
Jackie Chan:
John King:
Toolworkstoolworks.org25 Kearny St., Suite 400415-733-0990
Bayview Senior Servicesbhpmss.org1390 1/2 Turk @ Filmore415-921-7805
Bay Area Jewish Healing
jewishhealingcenter.org2530 Taraval St., Suite 202415-750-4197
Jewish Community
Center of SF
jccsf.org3200 California St.415-292-1200
Jewish Family Servicesjfcs.org2150 Post St.415-449-1200
Canon Kip Senior Centerecs-sf.org705 Natoma St.415-487-3300
30th St. Senior Center30thstreetseniorcenter.org225 30th St. 415-550-2210
Irene Swindells Day
sutterhealth.org3698 California St.415-600-2690
Care for Seniorscareforseniorsagency.com1349 Taraval St.415-664-9991
Korean Center SFkoreancentersf.org1362 Post St.415-441-1881

Senior Health Centers

As we get older, it isn’t uncommon to experience a greater number of health issues. Senior health centres provide care to older people who need it, whether the treatment is geared towards a specific health condition or simply offers affordable medical care for elderly people.

CountyBusiness NameWebsiteAddressPhone
San FranciscoAlzheimer’s Pine St., Suite 2150415-463-8500
San FranciscoSister Mary Philippa Health Centerdignityhealth.org2235 Hayes St., 5th Floor415-857-9697
San FranciscoMission Neighborhood Health Centermnhc.org240 Shotwell St.415-552-3870
San FranciscoTom Waddell Urban Health Centersfhealthnetwork.org50 Dr Tom Waddell Place415-355-7400
San FranciscoSouth of Market Health Centersmhcsf.org229 7th Street415-284-2270

Senior Housing

Housing needs change as we age. We may need more accessible living situations, with no stairs and rails in the bathroom, or simply a place to live that we can afford on a fixed income. In the Bay Area, there are a number of senior housing organizations that can help with these issues.

CountyBusiness NameWebsiteAddressPhone
San FranciscoApartamentos de la Esperanzamissionhousing.org3590 19th St.415-864-6432
San FranciscoMission Terrace Senior Housingbridgehousing.com3850 18th St.415-872-9001
San FranciscoChristipher Valenti – Housing Advocacychristophervalenti.comN/A415-264-1529

Senior Mental Health 

Mental health issues can happen at any time in our lives. In some cases, age-related changes to our brain can cause or contribute to mental health problems. If you or a loved one are dealing with mental health issues as a senior, these organisations may be able to help.

CountyBusiness NameWebsiteAddressPhone
San FranciscoMental Health Association of SFmentalhealthsf.org870 Market St., Suite 928415-421-2926
Ft. LauderdaleSenior Livingseniorliving.org501 E. Las Olas Blvd.954-691-9500
San FranciscoCurry Senior Centercurryseniorcenter.org333 Turk St.415-885-2274
San FranciscoNAMI San Francisconamisf.org645 Harrison St., #201415-905-6264

Senior Religious Services

For many older Americans, religion becomes more important as we get older. There are multiple religious groups within the San Francisco region that offer senior religious services to meet the unique needs of the elderly.

CountyBusiness NameWebsiteAddressPhone
San FranciscoSF Zen Centersfzc.org300 Page St.415-863-3136
San FranciscoGrace Cathedralgracecathedral.org1100 California St.415-749-6300
San FranciscoChurch of Scientology of SFscientology-sanfrancisco.org701 Montgomery St.415-864-3940
San FranciscoThird Baptist Church of SFthirdbaptist.org1399 McAllister St.415-346-4426
San FranciscoSt. Patrick Churchstpatricksf.org756 Mission St.415-421-3730
San FranciscoReality SFrealitysf.com450 Church St.415-546-0347

Senior Transportation

Getting around can be harder for senior citizens, whether the cause is mobility issues, lack of a vehicle, or difficulty navigating public transportation. In the Bay Area, several organizations provide transportation services specifically for seniors, including for elderly people with disabilities.

CountyBusiness NameWebsiteAddressPhone
San FranciscoParatransit SFsfmta.com11 South Van Ness Ave.415-701-2311
San FranciscoSilver Ridesilverride.com425 Divisadero St.415-861-7433
San FranciscoBARTbart.gov598 Market St.510-465-2278
San FranciscoMUNIsfmta.com11 S. Van Ness Ave.415-701-2311

Technology Education Organizations

If you didn’t grow up with computers, smart phones, and technology, trying to figure it out can be overwhelming. The Bay Area is home to many cutting edge technology firms. It also has a number of tech education groups that can help you learn the basics or even gain more advanced skills.

CountyBusiness NameWebsiteAddressPhone
San FranciscoCommunity Tech Networkcommunitytechnetwork.org1390 Market St., Suite 200628-200-3118
San FranciscoQuizletquizlet.com501 2nd St.510-495-6550
San FranciscoSF Connectedsfhsa.orgMultiple Locations:
Curry Senior Center:
333 Turk St.
John King Community:
500 Raymond Ave.
Stonestown YMCA:
333 Eucalyptus Dr.
Jackie Chan Senior Center:
5757 Geary Blvd.
John King:
Jackie Chan: