California Distracted Driving Statistics

There are three types of distractions: Manual, Visual, and Cognitive. Texting involves all three.

In a 2016 study, 7.6% of all drivers observed displayed some form of distracted driving as a result of electronic device use (an increase of 2.2% from 2015).

16-24 year olds show the highest rates of distracted driving.

5 seconds is the average amount of time your eyes are off the road while sending a text.

5 seconds is enough time to drive the length of a football field at 55 mph.

16% of all distracted driving crashes involve drivers under 20.

40% of California drivers admit to checking texts or emails while driving.

80% of all vehicle crashes involve some form of driver inattention.

Texting impairs a driver as much as a blood alcohol level of .08%.

Drivers who text are 5.36x more likely to get in an accident compared to drivers who don’t

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