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advocacy for injured workers

Employers have a duty to keep the work environment safe and prevent work-related injuries. When they fail to do so, they can be held liable for on-the-job injuries suffered by their employees, regardless of what occupational field the business operates in.

Employers are not the only ones that can be held responsible. If faulty equipment played a role, the makers of that defective product may also be held liable. Similarly, outside contractors can be held liable for their negligence, as can property owners and other parties.

At the Kuvara Law Firm, our lawyers have more than 40 years of experience helping injured workers with both workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. We are advocates who work hard for fair and fast results, and have a reputation for achieving them. Count on us to determine who is liable and to stand up for your rights every step of the way.

work accidents can occur in any occupation​

While work-related injuries are most common in jobs requiring physical labor, even office jobs have their dangers. Construction, mining, railroad work, agriculture and industrial operations are the most dangerous work environments and pose the biggest risk of work-related injuries.

From our headquarters in San Rafael and law offices throughout Northern California, our attorneys have represented people in these lines of work and many others.

what caused the work injury?​

The causes of work injuries are innumerable. There can be one-time work accidents such as:

There are also repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back injuries, shoulder injuries and knee injuries. These injuries typically develop slowly and are often difficult to recognize until the damage is done. Nevertheless, victims of these work-related injuries may be able to seek some form of compensation.

occupational exposure and illnesses​

Toxic materials such as lead-based paint, asbestos, benzene, pesticides and several other hazardous substances can cause significant and life-threatening occupational illnesses.

Damage from these toxins can develop quickly or may take years or even decades to be recognized. In some cases, these dangers can also pose a threat to loved ones at home, as these hazardous substances can be brought home on clothes or other personal items.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the federal agency responsible for regulating workplace safety and establishing standards to protect employees from work- related injuries. Despite their comprehensive efforts to protect people, violations of OSHA regulations are not uncommon. Many organizations forgo employee safety in the name of corporate profit. We seek to hold them accountable.

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