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Nestled in Bay Area’s Solano County, Fairfield is known as the midpoint between San Francisco and Sacramento. The city is home to over 100,000 people and is also in close proximity to Oakland and Napa Valley. Fairfield is known for the Travis Airforce Base and as headquarters of Jelly Belly. Fairfield’s unique location makes it a common destination for living and a common stop for tourists alike. While the arrangement is great for business, it also leaves Fairfield residents vulnerable to accidents.

At Kuvara Law Firm, we know that an accident can change your life either by causing financial issues, putting a strain on your schedule, or even causing permanent damage, disability or death. We also know that many times, individuals who suffer from accidents are likely to settle for less than they deserve during the claims process either because of tricks from insurance companies or the pure length of most investigations. Fortunately, the personal injury lawyers at Kuvara Law Firm are here to help.

Practice Areas

Slip and Fall Attorneys

A property owner is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that their property is safe for visitors. If you are injured on someone’s property in Fairfield-especially for their negligence, that individual may be responsible for part or all of your accident-related expenses. If you have been injured at home, a rented apartment or a business and you suspect that your injury was due to negligence, Our personal injury lawyers are here to help.

Car Accident Lawyers

With over 1,000 individuals living in Fairfield, and with cars being the primary mode of transportation, car accidents are among the most common types of accidents that are reported by Fairfield residents. While insurance companies are responsible for covering the damages associated with a car accident, most insurers will do everything in their power to draw out the claims process and to pay as little as possible. Moreover, while it is illegal to drive without insurance in any state, not all drivers will follow the laws.

Bicycle Accidents Lawyers

Fairfield has some great bike routes. Unfortunately, bicycle riders are particularly vulnerable to accidents because they are not protected in the same way as automobile drivers. If you were in a bike accident and the other party is at fault, you are entitled to insurance compensation.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

While pedestrians have the right of way in most cases, distracted, or intoxicated, drives may not honor the law. If you are hit by a car as a pedestrian, you need to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that your claim is properly compensated.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Like bicycle riders, motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable on the road. Because motorcycles can reach higher speeds than a typical bicycle, the risk of obtaining a severe injury from a motorcycle accident also increases.

Truck Accident Lawyers

Trucks are intimidating in their sheer size alone. Even if you drive a larger vehicle, you are more likely to be hurt in a truck accident than the truck driver. While truck drivers are generally well trained, accidents do happen. If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, Kuvara Law Firm is happy to sort out the case while you focus on recovering.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Doctors are highly trained professionals and, in most cases, will do everything that they can to help you feel better. However, doctors are still human beings who can make mistakes. The mistakes can vary from prescribing an incorrect drug or dosage, surgical errors or even failure to diagnose a medical problem. If you are suffering as a result of a doctor’s error, an investigation should be conducted to determine whether the doctor is liable and to help ensure that others do not get hurt as well. The personal injury lawyers at Kuvara Law Firm, can help ensure that you get compensated for additional expenses and issues that are the result of medical malpractice.

Wrongful Death Lawyers

Arguably the worst-case scenario, the wrongful death of a loved one, is often a trying experience. While, in some cases, nothing could have been done to prevent a death, there are other cases where actions could have and should have been taken. In such cases, the individual who could have taken the action should be held responsible. If you believe that your loved one’s death was due to the negligence of another individual, our personal injury lawyers have ways to bring that individual to justice.

Protecting The Rights Of Fairfield, California Accident Victims Since 1971

While the idea behind insurance is to prevent accidents from becoming costly endeavors, insurance companies are for-profit entities. This means that the insurance company is going to be more concerned with their bottom line than with your wellbeing and will do everything in their power to delay your claim and prolong the claims processes in the hopes that you’ll give up. This is why Kuvara Law Firm came to be. At Kuvara Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers are deeply committed to fighting for the rights of California accident victims and their families.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, the personal injury lawyers at Kuvara Law Firm can help! Call Kuvara Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Fairfield personal injury lawyers.

Resources For Fairfield Accident Victims

Physical Therapists

VibrantCare Rehabilitiation, Inc.
1411 Oliver Rd #200
Fairfield, CA 94534
(707) 428-1311

Body in Balance Physical Therapy
222 Acacia St
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 421-2095

Repair Shops

Golden Gate Auto Repair
1122 Western St #11
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 200-8638

The Pit Shop
2026 N Texas St
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 580-5132

Ryan’s Automotive Services Center
1203 N Texas St
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 425-2695

Meineke Car Care Center
1525-B Holiday Ln
Fairfield, CA 94534
(707) 416-2183

Multi-Tech Auto Repair
2035 N Texas St
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 421-2283

Midway Automotive & Muffler
1655 W Texas St
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 422-7000


NorthBay Medical Center
1200 B Gale Wilson Blvd
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 646-5000

Sutter Fairfield Medical Campus
2720 Low Ct
Fairfield, CA 94534
(707) 427-4900

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