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Serving Injured Californians Since 1971

At the Kuvara Law Firm, we have been focused on resolving personal injury claims for more than 40 years. This is all that we do. Day in and day out, from day one, we have focused all of our efforts on getting a fair amount of money fast for people who have been hurt because of the negligence of others. Along the way, we have recovered millions of dollars for victims of car wrecks and other acts of carelessness.

Headquartered in San Rafael with law offices throughout Northern California, speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer has never been easier. Contact us today.

Experience Beyond Personal Injury Claims

Our law firm was founded by attorney Neal Kuvara. Neal’s experience goes beyond personal injury claims. He served as a medic in the Army, meaning he has a unique understanding of the medical elements that are at play in these cases. He worked as an insurance adjuster, meaning he knows firsthand the tactics insurance companies use. All of this experience allows Neal and the rest of our team to effectively handle personal injury claims of all kinds.

To learn more about Neal and Colby’s background, follow the link below:

A Cutting-Edge Law Office

When many people picture a law office, they picture desks piled high with paperwork and open books. How can that possibly be efficient? The simple answer is that it is not.

That is why we took the step to become a fully automated, electronic, paperless environment. The reason we are able to resolve personal injury claims much faster than our competitors is not just because of our knowledge and process; it is because we do not lose time fumbling for critical documents. Everything is immediately within reach when we need it.

Not only does this mean we are efficient, it means we are secure.


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