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San Francisco Accident Map

Driving in San Francisco can be challenging for visitors and residents alike. It’s a busy city with narrow lanes and fast-moving traffic, and drivers who are familiar with the roads may be impatient with those who aren’t. Whenever you drive in San Francisco, you’ll be faced with plenty of hills and one-way streets, not to mention pedestrians and bicyclists.

The last thing you want to experience when you’re out for a drive in San Francisco is an accident, but unfortunately, accidents do occur in this city on a frequent basis.  With more people than ever before on San Francisco roads, it’s important to drive responsibly and cautiously. It helps to know where the most challenging intersections are in the city.

The Goal Of The Accident Map

The accident map is provided to help drivers get an idea of some of the more dangerous driving areas in San Francisco. It also aims to highlight areas where infrastructure may need attention. The accident map is updated each year and contains valuable recent information about where the most accidents are occurring to help make drivers aware of trends in road safety.

How To Use The Accident Map

Use your mouse or your finger to scroll around the city on the map. Things you can note on the map include:

  • The map is color-coded to highlight the top ten accident locations
  • Other accident locations are also indicated
  • Use the plus sign on the top left to zoom in so that you can clearly see street names and intersections

The Intersections with the Most Accidents in San Francisco

While residents of San Francisco may be familiar with areas to avoid, visitors may not. The most dangerous intersections in San Francisco based on the number of accidents are listed below: on this page and let us know what happened. We are highly experienced in the field of personal injury law and have recovered millions for accident victims in California over the last 40 years. We are here to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.
Intersection Number of Accidents
Mission Street and 16th Street 12 accidents, 1 fatality, 16 injuries
Market Street and 5th Street 12 accidents, 10 injuries
9th Street and Mission Street 11 accidents, 10 injuries
Mission Street and 7th Street 11 accidents, 8 injuries
Eddy Street and Jones Street 11 accidents, 2 injuries
Bryant Street and 2nd Street 9 accidents, 13 injuries
Market Street and Gough Street 9 accidents, 12 injuries
6th Street and Howard Street 9 accidents, 11 injuries
Valencia and 16th Street 9 accidents, 11 injuries
Fell and Masonic 9 accidents, 11 injuries
Market Street and Octavia Street 9 accidents, 10 injuries

Accident Prevention Tips

In San Francisco and other busy cities, it’s important for operators of motor vehicles to continually drive defensively. Some things to keep in mind include:

When you’re committed to driving responsibly, it can help to reduce your risk of being involved in an accident. Drive defensively and watch out for aggressive or reckless drivers.

If You Have a San Francisco Accident

In spite of your best efforts to drive responsibly, you may be injured in a car accident in San Francisco due to the recklessness or negligence of another driver. 

If this has happened to you, get in touch with Kuvara Law Firm by filling out a contact form.