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Do you have abdominal pain after a car accident?

Car accidents are often much more damaging to the bodies of those who experience them than the victims may initially realize. Even if a car accident does not seem like a very serious matter, or if no one has any visible injuries, a person may suffer injuries he or she does not feel for many […]

Preventing crashes through tire maintenance

If you are the driver of a large truck, you have an increased responsibility to ensure that your tires meet the standards of the Compliance, Safety, Accountability Program (CSA). If the tire safety guidelines are not adequately followed, it could mean that a tire deflates rapidly while the vehicle is driving at considerable speeds. An […]

The most common causes of car crashes

Tragically, car accidents happen every day in the United States and across California. It’s hard to believe that every time we step into our car, there is a risk of injury to ourselves or to others in the vehicle, but the risk is real. It’s important therefore to always be thinking about how we can […]

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