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The insurance agent, as well as the insurance company of the at-fault driver, will try to position themselves in a way that they make the most profit out of any situation. They will usually be the first phone call you make after an accident, or if not, they will call you soon after, and from there they usher you down a road that will lead them to the most profit or least financial loss.

With all of the possible expenses that will be piling up in your mind immediately after an accident, the insurance companies will try to take advantage of this by making you a quick offer of money for your medical or automobile costs. But with this offer also comes a contract for you to sign. If you go for the easy money, you will inevitably be signing your rights away to using a lawyer and taking them to court. They will try to talk you into a low amount, and if they get you, that will make it so they don’t have to worry about any real retaliation.

Don’t accept the first offer. Don’t sign anything.

Until you’ve contacted a personal injury lawyer like the reputable attorneys at Kuvara Law Firm, don’t sign anything! In the best-case scenario, you will have spoken to a lawyer before you talk to the insurance company at all. They will require you to give statements from you over the phone which can be used against you if you do end up taking them to court. Without a lawyer’s protection, you can end up making some mistakes without knowing it that can give the insurance company a significant advantage. The insurance companies are in business to make a profit. So they will avoid helping you anytime they can to avoid taking on extra costs. On the other end, the lawyers at Kuvara Law Firm / 1-800-4-INJURY only compensated if you win or settle your case. This creates a win-win scenario between you and our firm. Kuvara Law Firm does not take payment unless we win your case.

The difference between the few thousand dollars that you get offered immediately after an accident and what you could win in court or in a settlement with the representation of an experienced professional attorney is significant. The insurance company will try to offer you money for what they deem as your immediate needs and nothing else. You are entitled to receive compensation for a variety of needs, including pain and suffering, future estimated medical costs, lifestyle changes, loss of companionship, lost wages, diminished future earning potential, etc.

Do not fall into this trap. Get paid what you’re deserved and get paid fast. 1-800-4-INJURY can help you. Our headquarters in San Rafael, California but we also serve 12 other locations throughout California and one of our attorneys can meet you at the place of your choice. Call us today!

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