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Playgrounds are an excellent way for children to get some exercise and use their imaginations. However, there are risks involved with using a playground, and thousands of children are injured every year at these facilities. If your child has been injured on a California playground, you should speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Types of Playground Injuries


Fractures are the most commonly reported playground injury. A fracture occurs when a child breaks a bone. The break may be a relatively minor one, or it may be so severe that the bone sticks out of the skin. 

Contusions and Abrasions

A contusion, or bruise, occurs when some type of blunt force causes bleeding under the skin.  Abrasions develop when the skin is scraped or rubbed against a harsh surface, such as concrete.


Lacerations, or cuts, are another common type of playground injury. Lacerations may be caused by sharp edges on playground equipment, for example.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains are types of muscle injuries that are frequently reported at playgrounds. A sprain refers to the stretching or tearing of a ligament. Ligaments are pieces of tissue that connect bone to bone throughout the body. 

In contrast, a strain is the overstretching or tearing of a muscle or tendon. Tendons connect muscles to bone. 

Internal Organ Injuries

Internal organ injuries can be very serious—even life-threatening. Since the abdominal muscles in children are not fully developed, they are much more susceptible to internal organ damage caused by falls and other trauma on a playground. 

By far, falls are the most common culprit behind most playground injuries. In fact, monkey bars and play gyms are the most common site of playground injuries. 

Staying Safe on a Playground

There are many ways children may stay safe while using a playground.

First, a playground should only be used if it has some type of impact absorbing surface. Wood chips, sand, or rubber are good examples. 

Parents and guardians should make sure that there are no areas on the playground where a child’s head could get trapped. Spaces should be at least 9 inches wide. They should not be any smaller than about 3.5 inches wide. 

The platforms on playground equipment should always have barriers or rails. This also includes ramps that go from one level to the next.

My Child Was Injured on a Playground—Now What?

If your child was injured on a playground, you could be entitled to compensation. The owners of playgrounds have a duty to keep these facilities safe and free from hazards. 

Playground owners should regularly check equipment to ensure it is structurally sound. Old or broken playground equipment should be replaced as soon as possible. If necessary, signs that warn children not to use the equipment should be in place. 

There are numerous entities that could be responsible for your child’s playground injury. In some cases, multiple defendants share liability in a single incident.

The owner of the playground could be a private company (such as a daycare center) or a government entity. Though either may face liability for negligence, claims against private companies and government entities proceed quite differently. 

Additionally, the company that manufactured the playground equipment may be liable if the equipment itself is defective. The playground equipment could have been defectively manufactured or designed, or it could have come with inadequate safety warnings and instructions. 

California personal injury attorneys will be able to identify all parties responsible for your child’s injuries and pursue a claim against them on your behalf. You may focus on taking care of your child while your attorney handles the claim process. 

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