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Skull Fracture From A California Car Accident

A serious car accident can result in severe trauma to the head. When you hit your head in a California accident with a great deal of force, it’s possible that you’ve experienced a skull fracture. A skull fracture may accompany a brain injury, but the brain isn’t always damaged when the skull is fractured. Types of Skull […]

Ruptured Spleen In A California Accident

A serious California car accident can lead to many different physical problems. Most people think of back injuries, neck injuries or broken bones when they think of injuries sustained in a car accident, but there is also the possibility of damage to your internal organs. A forceful blow to your abdomen can cause a ruptured […]

Ruptured Kidneys In A California Accident

Getting in a California accident can cause many different physical problems. People usually think of problems such as broken bones, back injuries or whiplash when they think of car-related injuries, but it’s also possible to experience damage to your internal organs. Organs that are particularly vulnerable to damage from the blunt force of a car […]

A Slip And Fall Injury May Be More Dangerous Than You Think

Slip and fall accidents happen when you least expect them and sometimes end up being more dangerous or devastating than it can at first appear. You may trip or slip on someone else’s property because of a hazard that wasn’t apparent, and these accidents can result in serious injuries. A slip and fall accident sometimes […]

How To File A Small Claims Case In California

Pursuing a legal claim is an inherently frustrating and stressful process, especially when filing suit in the Federal District Court or California Superior Court. The process involves a multitude of steps and the trials themselves can be grueling. However, small claims court was designed with the average US citizen in mind. If you’re looking to […]

What Are The Safest Times And Routes To Commute In The Bay Area?

We have access to dozens of map technologies that will provide us with a route to get us where we need to be. However, while many of these technologies provide us with the fastest route, they may not provide us with the safest route.  Have you ever seen an accident happen on your way to […]

How is a property owner responsible for safety?

If you have hurt yourself on the premises of a business or on a private property, it is likely that you have incurred substantial medical costs, suffered a loss of wages, and endured physical and emotional suffering as part of the process. Of course, this is extremely frustrating, especially if you believe that the property […]

I was injured in a park; what should I do?

When we are enjoying time in a park or otherwise maintained outdoor space, we tend to take it for granted that we are safe and do not need to watch out for injury. However, because of poor maintenance and negligence when it comes to outdoor spaces, people can injure themselves due to no fault of […]

Who is at fault in a bike and car collision?

Cycling can be dangerous, especially when on busy roads or when not observing the rules of the road. Bicycle accidents happen frequently, sometimes leading to minor injuries, and occasionally causing fatalities. Accidents involving cyclists can often be serious because a cyclist has little to no protection from the impact of a vehicle. This impact can […]

New fire safety requirements for rental units

Were you hurt in an apartment unit that had a fire? Depending on the way your property manager or landlord maintained the fire safety standards of your building, you might be able to file a personal injury claim to seek financial damages stemming from the fire. Fire safety standards are continually being updated and improved, […]

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