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What to Do After a Bike Accident

A bicycle bumped by a car with a blue helmet on the ground.

The things you say and do after a bicycle accident matter – both in terms of your health and your legal health. There are certain steps you can take to protect your legal right to getting the compensation you deserve. For the legal help that you need, reach out to an attorney at the Kuvara […]

Does Auto Insurance Cover Bike Accidents?

Riding a bike as a means of recreation or as a method of transportation is growing in popularity. When you are riding your bike to get to a destination or just for fun, you’re probably not thinking about the possibility of being involved in a bike accident, but accidents can happen when you least expect […]

Dooring Accidents in the Bay Area

When you ride a bicycle or a motorcycle on a street in the Bay area, one of the hazards you face is dooring, which is when someone opens a car door in your path. If someone suddenly opens their vehicle door while you are riding by, there’s a good chance that you won’t have time […]

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