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  • $800,000.00 Motorcycle Accident Settlement
    Defendant failed to yield right of way to motorcyclist, causing a broadside accident. Motorcyclist suffered injuries to his neck, back, chest, and abdomen including a grade 4 laceration of his liver and a traumatic injury to the head of his pancreas. He had a peritoneal and retroperitoneal hematoma. He underwent an emergency surgery to repair the damage to his injured organs. 
  • Policy Limits Settlement
    Successfully resolved out of court, wrongful death claim – client was hit by a hit and run driver, suffering fatal injuries. We investigated in conjunction with the police and determined the defendant’s identity. We successfully negotiated for the defendant’s policy limits as well as the under-insured motorist policy limits for the heirs of the decedent.  
  • $53,500.00 Dog Bite of a Minor Settlement
    A six year old boy was bit on the cheek by a neighbor’s dog, causing a scar and emotional injuries (anxiety, fear of dogs). We zealously negotiated on the minor’s behalf and worked with his parents and the courts to set up an annuity so that the minor’s share of the settlement will increase significantly over time and he will collect lump sums on his 18th, 21st, 25th, and 30th birthdays. 
  • $250,000.00 Motor Vehicle Accident Policy Limits Settlement
    Client is a single working mother who was t-boned in Modesto (Stanislaus County). She suffered serious injuries to her neck, back, and left knee. She underwent a laminectomy and posterior lumbar interbody fusion at L4-5 in her lumbar spine as well as an arthroscopic knee surgery.
  • $410,000.00 Premises Accident
    Client was a 68 year old woman browsing in a store when she turned a corner and tripped on steps that were not visible, causing her to fall and suffer bilateral severely displaced ulna fractures, a severely displaced comminuted left radial head fracture, and a mildly displaced right radial head fracture.  She underwent emergency open reduction internal fixation surgeries to set the fractured bones and the radial head of her left arm was replaced by a prosthesis because it was completely detached from the bone. She was placed in bilateral long arm casts. We assisted her in obtaining funds to pay for in home support workers to assist her until her arms had healed. We also negotiated a significant pre-litigation settlement as well as reduced her outstanding medical bills in order to reach the most expeditious and cost-effective outcome for her.
  • $495,000.00 Premises Liability Accident
    Client was a 69 year old woman who was shopping for a chair in a furniture store. She sat on a chair and the platform malfunctioned, causing her to fall out of the chair onto the ground, resulting in major injuries to her right shoulder that required surgical repair. We filed a lawsuit and reached settlement through mediation.
  • $300,000.00 Policy Limits Pre-Litigation Settlement
    Client was a 54 year old man who was walking through a crosswalk when he was hit by the defendant. He suffered injuries to his neck, chest, left shoulder, right forearm, and right knee. He underwent a right knee arthroscopy with partial lateral meniscectomy, arthroscopic debridement and chondroplasty, and arthroscopic synovectomy. He underwent pain-relieving injections in his left shoulder. We assisted client in finding specialists to help treat his injuries and provided advice on how to properly document his wage losses, as he was self-employed. We prepared a well-supported 331 page demand packet that convinced the defendant’s insurance carrier to offer the full policy limits to settle our client’s injury claim.
  • $850,000.00 Litigation Settlement
    Client was a 76 year old man walking through a crosswalk when he was hit by the defendant. He suffered a head injury, concussion, skull fracture, fractures of his facial bones, and multiple comminuted fractures in his right tibia and fibula. He went through two leg surgeries to repair his fractures a well as months of recovery for his brain injury and concussion symptoms.
  • $250,000.00 Total Pre-litigation Policy Limits Settlement
    ($25,000 third party policy limits and $225,000 under-insured motorist policy limits).
    Client was a 25 year old passenger in a car that rear-ended another vehicle. The seatbelt locked on his body, causing a 6cm intraperitoneal complex traumatic rupture to his bladder that required emergency surgery. We assisted the client in finding a well respected urology expert who could provide an in-person consultation and who prepared a report to document our client’s injuries and the potential medical issues he could face in the future.

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