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Head Injury Case

Thank you for your help in dealing with my accident. My long ordeal is over and the insurance company will be settling the claim soon.

After my accident, that included a head injury, I was unable to work. You were kind and professional as you assured me that you would take my case and protect me. I had pain in addition to lost income, and you represented my interests relentlessly and brilliantly.

You are the best personal injury lawyer in the world!

Dr. M.

Head Injury Case

Car Accident

Neal Kuvara was kind, patient and accessible in the highest professional manner as he helped me win a settlement after I was ran into in a head on collision on Hwy 1 back in June.

He and his staff were attentive to my needs and thorough in making sure I was compensated for the damages I suffered both physically and materialistically.

He has my vote of confidence and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing assistance with a lawyer who is ethical and determined in his representation of a case.

Matt G.

Car Accident

Vehicle Accident

We received personal attention from the Kuvara Law Firm when they resolved our vehicle accident case.

Denise P.

Personal Injury

Thank you for all of your help and hard work. I’m happy with the way you handled my case…. I highly recommend your very professional office.

Jose M.

Personal Injury

Neal Kuvara has pretty much changed my life – for the better. He (and his associates) have been attentive, heart-felt, and overall wonderful people to do business with. I highly recommend this law firm.

Candis H.

Car Accident

A friend of mine heard I was rear ended in an accident on Hwy 17 from Santa Cruz. He told me to call 1-800-4-INJURY and that’s how I met Neal Kuvara in San Rafael. He helped me get a settlement from the insurance company that was fair and adequate and I ended up getting the medical care that I needed. This was the best treatment I ever got from a law firm.

Jerry T.

Vehicle Accident

For all the months the Kuvara team spent supporting us though a very trying period of our lives, Thank you! We are so grateful to have had such a competent, quick, thorough, honest and caring law firm to help us. We have learned many lessons through this whole process and hopefully we won’t experience anything like it again.

I will continue to recommend the Kuvara Law Firm to anyone in need of legal support and advise in circumstances like ours.

Sean Y.

Personal Injury

Neal Kuvara of the Kuvara Law Firm drove all the way from San Rafael to Smith River in a driving rain storm. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn but I wholeheartedly feel to this day that God sent him to me. He is so fair so understanding.

His staff are so kind. My husband was a veteran and Neal definitely understands about that. I would recommend to the everyone that Kuvara Law Firm is beyond the call of duty with their compassion and understanding. Thank Goodness I had them!

V.R. – Smith River, CA

Car Accident

After my car accident I was so overwhelmed I didn’t know what to do. Kuvara Law Firm handled my case professionally, quickly and efficiently.


Personal Injury

From the moment I contacted Kuvara Law Firm, I felt comforted and taken care of through the entire process.

M.W. – Vallejo, CA

Auto Accident

My case was handled by Neal Kuvara in the San Jose location. My auto accident case involved a 3 car accident that the police report found me at fault for. After I heard this I decided to research on an aggressive lawyer to help me fight this case in which I thought I was not at fault. To make a long story short Neal Kuvara was able to determine that car that struck me was traveling 20mph over the speed limit in which he was at fault for. When I had spoken to other lawyers I did not receive the same level of service I had received from here. I recommend this law firm I had dealt with their San Jose location.

Anonymous – San Jose

Accidental Injury

Dear Kuvara Law Firm,

Thank you for helping me through this ordeal with my clavicle surgery and accident last year. you made a huge difference in the outcome of my insurance case, but also you made a huge difference in the health outcome. I appreciate it! many people who had the injury I had do not get surgery, and the end result is dramatically less favorable. I am doing well with some pain, but also some money to get treatments. I am back to work 100% and business is good. back to exercising 90%. range of motion in my shoulder is 99%. strength a little less, but still good.

I was really well taken care of by Kuvara Law Firm. Neal Kuvara met with me personally and let me know where the medical coverage for my injuries was going to come from. this was a relief because I was between health insurance policies of my own and no orthopedist really wanted to see me. it really was because of the law firm that I met with a great surgeon. I received a much more full compensation than I could have on my own.

Jason F.

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