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California Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lots can be very dangerous places for pedestrians and accidents may happen when you least expect them. Those who walk through parking lots often find that a parking lot is not a very pedestrian-friendly place. Drivers often move through parking lots at a higher rate of speed than they should, and distractions are common. […]

How to stay safe as a pedestrian

Although many of us are drivers, we are also all pedestrians. We are therefore at some risk of injury from a car whenever we are walking in close proximity to a moving vehicle, and that probably includes all of us at some point every day. This blog will provide a brief introduction to pedestrian accidents, […]

Pedestrian dies in first fatal accident of 2017

A pedestrian died last month in West Sacramento after being hit by a truck. It was the city’s first traffic fatality of the year. The accident happened on Tuesday, May 30, around 10:30 p.m. on West Capital Avenue. Events unfolded when two westbound vehicles, a truck and a car, collided. The impact of the collision […]

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