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It can be a frustrating experience to have your property damaged with no clear idea on how to move forward. This blog post deals with the basic things to consider if your parked car was damaged by another car.

Preserve evidence

You may not have been at the scene when the incident took place, but as soon as you notice that your car has been damaged, it is important to take all steps possible to preserve evidence. Therefore, you should not leave the scene, drive away or tamper with the damages.

Speak to people

Make sure that you speak to anyone present at the scene to see if they have any evidence that could help the police. Collect their contact details.

Report it to the police

Make sure that you call the police to ensure that evidence is preserved. This is not essential in all states even if there is a note from the driver, but it is best to do so out of precaution.

Record all information

Note down the time and location, or the time frame that you were away from the vehicle. Take photos as soon as you can from different angles.

Contact your insurance provider

Notifying your insurance company as soon as possible will put you in a better place in your claims process. Damaged car claims can differ widely depending on the circumstances. An experienced attorney can provide legal advice if you have any uncertainties or further questions about your situation.

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