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Although no one enjoys driving in rush hour, you know that this may be something you have to do almost every day of the week.

If this sounds familiar, it’s a must that you have a clear idea of the steps you can take to remain safe at all times.

Here are several rush hour safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Leave extra time in your schedule. The last thing you want is to be in a rush while you’re stuck in traffic. This could lead you to make decisions that are less than ideal. If you leave extra time, even only a few minutes, it will remove a bit of stress from your commute.
  • Seek out a different route. Even if you have to drive out of your way, avoiding rush hour traffic could be just what you need to feel better about your commute to and from work.
  • Stay in your lane of travel. As tempting as it may be to jump from one lane to the other, it’s a must that you avoid doing so. You aren’t going to make any better time doing this, so stay where you are.
  • Avoid distractions. With traffic moving at a crawl, you may want to talk on your smartphone to check your email or send a text message. Or maybe you get the idea of messing around with your GPS system. Even though traffic is moving slowly, you still need to keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Along with the above, always remember that you aren’t the only person on the road (of course, this is impossible to forget). This means that another driver could make a mistake that causes an accident.

If you are part of a rush hour accident, move your vehicle to safety (if you are able to do so) and then call 911. You’ll want police to arrive at the scene, along with an ambulance.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, there may come a point when you need to learn more about your legal rights with the idea of receiving compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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