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Speeding is frequently a contributing factor to auto accidents. While everyone knows that speeding is dangerous, there are few, if any, drivers who haven’t gone over the speed limit at some point. Whether you’re late for work, anxious to reach a long-distance destination or just not paying attention to what the speed limit is, it’s an unfortunate fact that going just a few miles over the posted speed limit can make a life or death difference in a wreck.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that driving too fast was a factor in 30 percent of all crashes with fatalities in 2012. This resulted in 10,219 lives being lost. The tragedy is that accidents caused by speeding are completely preventable.

Reasons People Speed

There are many different reasons that people speed when they drive. In most cases, they are not intending to cause harm to others and don’t realize how dangerous their behavior can be. Or, they believe that a wreck isn’t going to happen to them.

Some of the most common reasons people speed include:

  • They didn’t plan ahead and are late for work or
    an appointment
  • They are distracted and not paying attention to
    how fast they are driving
  • They enjoy the feeling of driving fast and
    believe they won’t get caught or won’t get in an accident
  • They overestimate their driving ability

Tips to Avoid Speeding

Don’t wait until you’re responsible for an accident in which innocent people are hurt or killed. There are simple things you can do to avoid speeding or ending up with penalties from speed-related accidents.

  • Plan
    Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. If you
    habitually sleep late, set your alarm a bit earlier.
  • Allow for
    weather delays.
    If the weather is bad for any reason, you’ll need to plan
    to drive more slowly, so allow extra time.
  • Relax. Find
    ways to relax while driving so you aren’t tempted to be aggressive because
    you’re aggravated. Listen to an audiobook or your favorite type of music.
  • Think
    through your actions.
    Remember that when you speed, you’re putting not only
    your own life at risk but the lives of everyone in your car and in nearby cars.
    If you drive ten miles over the speed limit, are you really going to reach your
    destination much faster?

Preventing the Consequences of Speeding

Speeding not only can cause an accident, but it can make an accident that’s unavoidable much worse. The faster your vehicle is traveling, the longer it will take to stop. Driving too fast can also cause you to lose control of your vehicle on winding or wet roads, and it may not give you enough time to react to an unexpected road hazard or change in traffic.

Making the responsible choice not to speed protects you from getting penalties if you get caught or if you cause an accident related to speed. If you’re caught speeding, especially if it happens more than once, it will impact your driving record and the cost of your auto insurance. The best thing to do to prevent these consequences is to follow the rules of the road.

Legal Help for Victims of California Speeding Accidents

If you’ve been hurt in a California accident caused by another driver speeding or driving too fast for conditions, it’s a good idea to speak to an expert in the field of personal injury law. Get in touch with Kuvara Law Firm by filling out our contact form. A member of our legal team will get back to you promptly to set up a free consultation.

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