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We have access to dozens of map technologies that will provide us with a route to get us where we need to be. However, while many of these technologies provide us with the fastest route, they may not provide us with the safest route.  Have you ever seen an accident happen on your way to work and wondered if there was a safer route to get to where you needed to be? What if you could figure out the safest routes and times to commute to and from work, school, home, etc.?

Thanks to driving safety app, Zendrive, plotting the safest routes and drive times throughout the Bay Area is actually possible. The app tracks the driving habits of its users; analyzing phone use, acceleration, speed, and the intensity of brake usage. That data can then be used to evaluate risky driving behavior and determine where and when risky behaviors are occurring out on the roads. In total, Zendrive accumulated over 21 million miles of drive time data on 1.2 million commutes in the Bay Area. The map above contains the plotted risky driving data. You can input your commute to and from San Francisco to determine the safest routes and times to commute.

The Safest Routes In The Bay Area

Based on the aforementioned driving data there are a few routes that stand out as the safest routes to take regardless of the time. The best route will differ depending on the city you’re commuting from. Ultimately, 101N takes the cake, earning the title of the safest route for four out of the five analyzed commutes.

Los Altos To San Francisco: Route 101N

Oakland To San Francisco: Route 580W

San Jose To San Francisco: Route 101N

Sunnyvale To San Francisco: Route 101N

Santa Clara To San Francisco: Route 101N

When Is The Safest Time To Commute Across The Golden Gate Bridge?

safest time to cross the Golden Gate bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is no safe haven for drivers. Whether a truck crashing into a toll booth or a bus slamming into a guardrail, accidents do occur on the iconic Bay Area bridge. If you want to cross the bridge, the safest time to do so is from 6am-11am according to driver data.

What Is The Most Dangerous Time To Drive In The Bay Area?

Most Dangerous Time To Drive In San Francisco

Drivers flock to the streets during lunch hour to grab a quick bite to eat. If possible, it’s best to avoid driving during lunchtime. The hours from 11am-2pm were found to be the riskiest times on the road, with risk increasing 10% in comparison to average commuting hours.

What Is The Most Dangerous Route In The Bay Area?

If there is one commute you should avoid, it’s a commute along I-280. Driver data indicate that risky driving behaviors are most frequently exhibited on I-280 across every segment of the interstate road. Of course, an entire interstate highway can be hard to avoid. Drivers should exercise extreme caution while commuting on I-280.

Although certain commute times and routes cannot be avoided, having a better understanding of the risks can help increase defensive driving and heightened awareness.

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