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When we are enjoying time in a park or otherwise maintained outdoor space, we tend to take it for granted that we are safe and do not need to watch out for injury. However, because of poor maintenance and negligence when it comes to outdoor spaces, people can injure themselves due to no fault of their own, and suffer terrible injuries and damages as a result.

This blog will provide a brief overview of what actions to take if you were injured in a park and you believe that it could have been prevented if proper care of the grounds and equipment had taken place.

Private parks

If a park is owned by a private organization, you may be able to claim premises liability. This is likely to be successful if there were dangerous conditions present that were obvious and should have been fixed by the owner. If you had a legal right to be on the property, for example, if you were a club member, a guest, or a customer. The owner has a duty to ensure your safety.

Public parks

If the park is owned by the government, you must then sue the government, which can be more difficult to do. This is because the government often has immunity from such issues. You also have to give notice to the government that you intend to file a claim.

If you have been injured in a park, it is important to take action so that you can prevent further negligence from taking place. It is advisable to seek trusted legal guidance who can help you make a claim.

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