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Fall can be a beautiful season that makes our thoughts turn to Halloween and the winter holiday season that is to come. While fall’s changing colors are inviting, the weather also lends itself to increased risks for slip and fall accidents. If a commercial property owner’s negligence leaves you or someone you care about injured in a slip and fall accident this fall – or anytime – turn to an experienced California slip and fall lawyer for the guidance you need. 

Falling Leaves and Other Debris

The abundance of falling leaves lets us know that is here, but when leaves mix with moisture from the ground – as well as any precipitation – they become extremely slippery. When property owners fail to clear their outdoor walkways of leaves and other forms of slippery debris, it can greatly increase the chances that those walking on them will slip and fall. Further, when wet leaves get dragged inside on the feet of customers, clients, and other visitors, they make indoor entrances, aisles, and walkways slippery as well. 

Other forms of debris that can also pose a problem include:

  • Paper and other kinds of trash that are whipped up in fall winds
  • Dead plants and twigs
  • Grass clippings
  • Fine dirt

Property owners are responsible for reasonably maintaining their indoor and outdoor premises in an effort to minimize dangerous slip and fall accidents.

Slippery When Wet

It sees its fair share of precipitation, and in the process, walkways often become wet. Certain surfaces are more prone to becoming slippery when wet, which sets the stage for slip and fall accidents. When all that moisture is tracked indoors on shoes and boots, it creates an indoor hazard as well.

Inadequate Lighting

As sets in, there are far fewer daylight hours, and we’re more likely to find ourselves outside in the dark. When businesses fail to provide adequate lighting to guide the way, it increases the risk that dangerous slip and fall accidents will happen. Inadequate interior lighting is similarly dangerous. CDC confirms that inadequate lighting is high on the list of risk factors.  

Holiday Decorations

It is here, and businesses are prone to decorating for the upcoming holidays. While the mood these holiday decorations set is inviting, they can also pose risk. When this holiday decor spills onto walkways – whether indoors or out –

An Experienced San Rafael Fall Accident Attorney Can Help

The slip and fall accident attorneys at Kuvara Law Firm recognize the serious risks associated with slip and fall accidents and have the experience and legal skill to help. We will review your slip case for free and will only collect legal fees if we win your case. To schedule a consultation with a California injury lawyer, call our office today or contact us online.

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