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San Francisco is one of America’s most beautiful and cultural cities, but it has its downsides, as all cities do. Traffic congestion, coupled with frequent foggy conditions, make driving in and around the Bay Area, not for the faint of heart.

While rush-hour definitely is the most congested time of day, traffic never really levels off. Both the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges experience daily delays that are intensified by fender-benders caused by merge miscalculations.

The steep hills present unique challenges for drivers, especially when it rains. You’ll find that you have to change out your brakes less frequently if you give yourself enough space to stop for stop signs and red lights.

While driving uphill, don’t tailgate the car ahead of you, as it may roll back some before gaining momentum to continue its climb.

Get used to parallel parking with your wheels curbed when the front end faces down the hill. Conversely, turn wheels toward the street when parking on the upside of a hill. Police will ticket for this offense, so be prepared.

In many cities, pedestrians don’t have as many rights as they do here in San Francisco. Here, they have the right of way at all times, making it especially important for drivers to remain alert for their presence.

Bicyclists and the city’s legendary bike messengers that dart and weave in and out of traffic making deliveries around the city can test the nerves of even the steadiest drivers.

If you get injured in an accident in the Bay Area, you may need to file a claim for your injuries and other damages from the at-fault driver and/or his or her insurance carrier.

Source: Smarter Travel, “Driving S.F. in San Francisco and Other Warnings and Dangers,” accessed April 21, 2017

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