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Car accidents are often much more damaging to the bodies of those who experience them than the victims may initially realize. Even if a car accident does not seem like a very serious matter, or if no one has any visible injuries, a person may suffer injuries he or she does not feel for many hours after the accident occurs. In most cases, these injuries require proper medical attention but do not pose a serious threat to the life of the victim. However, in the case of internal abdominal injuries, the threat is very real.

If you begin feeling abdominal pain after a car accident, you should stop what you are doing immediately and seek medical care. If you do not, you may place your own life in danger. Delayed pain after a car accident comes in many forms, but abdominal pain often indicates either internal bleeding or damage to one or more organs.

Without immediate medical care, these injuries can kill a person in a matter of hours. Internal bleeding can cause death in a matter of minutes if enough blood is lost, but even if it is a relatively small internal wound, any infection that develops can quickly spread through the bloodstream to the entire body.

Similarly, if an organ suffers damage, it may cease to function in a matter of hours without proper treatment. Should you feel pain in your abdomen and put off seeking treatment for even a day, you may be too late.

You deserve excellent medical care and a full recovery, so do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney once you receive proper treatment. Professional legal counsel allows you to focus on your physical recovery and ensures that you consider all the options you have available to protect your interests and rights.

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