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If you recently experienced a car accident, you may have injuries and claims you don’t yet realize. Even a car accident that seems relatively minor is a violent event that can create serious injuries in your body that may not present pain for days or weeks.

If you chose to forego a proper medical screening after your car accident, please seek out proper medical treatment immediately. If you put off a proper medical screening, even if you don’t have any pain right now, you could give a minor injury time to grow into a serious injury.

It is also possible that you recently felt the pain you believe relates to your car accident. If so, seek out medical care as soon as you possibly can. Once you know the source of your pain and have the assurance that you don’t face any imminent danger, you can consider your next steps.

Delayed pain injuries are very common, but also potentially very serious. If you are not sure how to proceed, an experienced attorney can help you evaluate the nuances of your injuries and the events that caused them to determine the best path forward. With proper legal counsel, you can seek fair compensation for your losses while keeping your rights and health secure.

Abdominal pain requires immediate attention

Depending on the nature of the pain and the area in your body where it centralizes, you could have many different injuries, ranging greatly in their severity.

The most immediately concerning pain is usually any pain that you may feel in your abdomen. Pain in the abdomen often indicates that you suffered an injury to your internal organs. This could be some internal bleeding or some more serious damage.

If you choose to leave these issues unaddressed, internal bleeding or organ damage can quickly turn into a fatal condition. Seek out medical attention as soon as you possibly can.

Other types of delayed pain

Other than abdominal pain, the most delayed pain involves your head, your spine, your upper and lower back muscles, or some combination.

Brain Injuries

A blow to the head during an accident can produce a mild traumatic brain injury, which may lead to ongoing headaches and nausea, or even seizures. Mild traumatic brain injuries carry a number of varied effects, which can last up to a year in some cases.

Spinal Injuries

Car accidents also often affect an individual’s spine, which may produce sharp or radiating pain in your back or numbness and tingling if the spine pinches a nerve.

Back & Shoulder Injuries

Similarly, the musculature in your shoulders and upper and lower back can suffer a number of injuries that take time to present pain. Often, we collectively refer to these injuries as “whiplash.”

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