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You love to use the GPS when you drive. It takes the pressure off of you to remember each and every turn, and it updates so that you can get around road construction and other obstacles. It gives you an estimated arrival time so that you’re rarely late.

As much as it makes your life easier, could it cause a car accident?

GPS systems have been linked to accidents in the past. It is worth noting, though, that drivers are often still the ones at fault.

For example, a road was closed due to flooding. The GPS systems didn’t know this, and they directed people to take that road. Multiple cars drove right into the flood. The drivers were so focused on the directions they were being given that they didn’t actually look at the world around them — where signs announcing the road closing were clearly displayed and where rising water was also obvious.

Some drivers blindly follow instructions right into oncoming traffic. One driver said that his system told him it was time to make a left-hand turn, so he just did it. He wound up causing a pile-up with three other vehicles.

It’s also worth noting that any distraction can potentially cause a crash. A driver who is looking at the GPS and not the road is definitely distracted.

Knowing the risks, perhaps you are very careful when using your GPS. Not all drivers will follow your lead. If another driver is distracted or causes an avoidable accident, odds are that person is really at fault — rather than the GPS — so it’s important to know if you can seek compensation.

Source: Slate, “It Wasn’t Me, Officer! It Was My GPS.,” Tom Vanderbilt, accessed Oct. 06, 2017

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