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Watch Out for Drunk Drivers around Thanksgiving


For many of us, Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season – a time when we eat and drink more than usual. Unfortunately, this often translates into more drunk drivers on the road, putting all of us at risk.  The night before Thanksgiving can be particularly dangerous and has even earned the nickname Blackout […]

California Personal Injury Claims: What Victims Need to Know


Thousands of people are Injury in avoidable incidents every day in the Bay Area and throughout the state. In many cases, these accidents occur through no fault of their own and often leave victims with significant medical expenses and other losses. In fact, sometimes, their lives will never be the same. If you have suffered […]

What to Do After a Bike Accident


The things you say and do after a Bike accident matter – both in terms of your health and your legal health. There are certain steps you can take to protect your legal right to getting the compensation you deserve. For the legal help that you need, reach out to an attorney at the Kuvara […]

Fall Comes with New Slip and Fall Risks


Fall can be a beautiful season that makes our thoughts turn to Halloween and the winter holiday season that is to come. While fall’s changing colors are inviting, the weather also lends itself to increased risks for slip and fall accidents. If a commercial property owner’s negligence leaves you or someone you care about injured […]

How COVID Impacted Causes of Death in California

How Covid impacted Causes of Death in CA 3

2020 was a year like no other in recent history. In January of that year, the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Washington state. By March, California was the first state to go into lockdown to reduce the spread of the virus. The United States recently surpassed 600,000 deaths related to COVID. Here in […]

7 Tips for finding an Estate Planning Attorney

It may seem like hard work to find the right attorney to deal with your estate planning but it can be done. With the tips given below, you should be in a good position to find the most appropriate lawyer to take care of your estate planning. 1: Get a referral from your financial advisor. […]

What you need to know about Estate Planning

When an “estate” is mentioned, most people assume it means having so much in terms of property. In law terms, however, an estate it something you own-it could be your car, your savings account, furniture, or even personal possessions. As such, most people do have an estate. In the event you wish to control how […]

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