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California Electric Scooter Laws and Accidents

Electric scooters are growing in popularity as a means of transportation for people who only need to go short distances. Scooter share programs such as Lime Bike and Bird Rides make it possible to take advantage of using a scooter as transportation without even purchasing your own scooter. While electric scooters are convenient and an […]

Dooring Accidents in the Bay Area

When you ride a bicycle or a motorcycle on a street in the Bay area, one of the hazards you face is dooring, which is when someone opens a car door in your path. If someone suddenly opens their vehicle door while you are riding by, there’s a good chance that you won’t have time […]

Important California Motorcycle Laws Riders Need To Know

Riding a motorcycle on an open California road can give the rider a sense of exhilaration and total freedom. Although motorcycle riders may feel like they own the road, they have to follow the same rules of the road that drivers of cars and trucks have to follow. Motorcyclists also have to follow laws pertaining […]

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