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A crash between two tractor-trailers and a sedan claimed one motorist’s life along Interstate 580 early in the morning on Thursday, September 14th. The multi-vehicle accident happened just before 4:20 a.m. in the westbound lanes of the highway in Alameda County.

When California Highway Patrol arrived on the crash scene along Eden Canyon Road in the Castro Valley, they found a black sedan sandwiched between two different tractor-trailers. In speaking with witnesses to the crash, officers were able to determine that the driver of the sedan had apparently initially made brief contact with a truck in front of them.

That contact caused the trucker to lose control of his load. He ultimately became stranded in the middle of the highway unable to move. Officers contend that neither motorist had suffered life-threatening injuries at that point.

Within five minutes though, police noted that witnesses said another truck came barreling down that same interstate behind the first two vehicles involved in the previous crash. It’s then that the second trucker made contact with the rear portion of the disabled truck.

Highway Patrol Officers noted that it appeared that the second trucker made some attempt to brake, but that it happened too late. The driver of the disabled truck was reportedly crushed as he sat in the cab of his truck waiting for police to arrive.

The westbound portion of the highway remained closed until the middle of the afternoon as investigators tried to determine what caused the crash. Officers also had to wait for the truckers’ cargo to be offloaded before the trucks could ultimately be towed away. After that was completed, the crash scene had to be cleared, which included cleaning up an undisclosed hazmat situation.

Individuals driving on highways are at a significantly higher risk of severe injury or death than motorists riding down regular city streets because of the sheer speed at which different drivers travel. If you’ve been seriously hurt in a crash, then a Bay Area, California truck accident attorney can advise you of your right to reimbursement for lost wages and medical costs.

Source: CBS East Bay, “One Killed in Collision Involving Two Big Rigs and Car on I-580 Near Castro Valley,” Rhea Mahbubani and Bob Redell, Sep. 14, 2017

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